PPI Problem Submission Portal

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About the PPI Problem Submission Portal

A new tool for submitting original, exam-like problems
The PPI Problem Submission Portal is a web-based tool to facilitate the writing and review of exam-like problems. Help prepare future generations of engineering, architecture, and surveying examinees for success on their licensing exams. Work from the comfort of your own home to write and review original problems.

Join the PPI Subject Matter Expert Team
If you're interested in writing or reviewing problems, you'll first need to contact the Acquisitions team about becoming a subject matter expert. An Acquisitions team member will contact you and help match your interests with one of our current projects. We'll also walk you through the Problem Submission Portal process to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed at problem writing and reviewing.
Click here to learn more about becoming a PPI Subject Matter Expert and get in touch with the Acquisitions team.